Justin Feuerring (b. 1984. Syd) is the great Nephew of the internationally acclaimed modern artist Maximillian Feuerring. He attended the prestigious National Art School in Sydney and is an increasingly collectable modern Australian artist. 

Justin has already made an impression on the Australian art scene through his modern art practice, heavily influenced by street graffiti through to contemporary Australian Masters. Justin has developed a distinctly original Antipodean style, that evoke the viewer through many emotions. 

He has been creating art for both commercial galleries and the streets for over 8 years. His involvement in both aspects of the modern art world, Street Art & Commercial Art galleries has given Justin a detailed and rounded view of the inner workings of both art practice and the commercial art world.

Justin is inspired by his life experiences, both past and present, both bad and good. His work explores the human psyche and the nature of relationships.

His works are held in Private collections throughout Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.



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